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Re: RCS Error

From: diego . andrade
Subject: Re: RCS Error
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 11:53:19 -0300 (BRT)
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Hi Larry,

 Im actually using the open source script called found in This script was written originally for
running under Linux plataform but I addapted it to run under Microsoft
Windows because the organization had not purchased the Linux version of
ClearTool (Clear Case command Line Interface used by the script).

 This script generate RCS files to be copied to the repository. In most of
my projects here it worked well. But The bigger projects Im experiencing
problems like that. I search for a explanation for this error codes in
the Internet but I cant found any one.

 Have you any Idea that what can I do to solve this problems? Im tryng to
analyse the RCS files based on my limited knowlege of the protocol. But
until now I cant see nothing wrong.

 Thanks for any Help or Idea!!



> address@hidden writes:
>>  -f [log aborted]: unrecognized operation '\x3c' in
>> /opt/cvs/rep/somefile.html,v
> That indicates that the RCS file is malformed.  How did you create the
> RCS files from ClearCase?
> -Larry Jones
> My dreams are getting way too literal. -- Calvin

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