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RCS Error

From: diego . andrade
Subject: RCS Error
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 16:43:34 -0300 (BRT)
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Hi all,

 Im on a effort to migrate a lot of projects from Clear Case to CVS. Some
of these projects were migrated well with no problems. Some of them
needed to be repaired manually and after that worked well.

 Most of these projects have a average number of files about 700 with an
average number of revisions for each file about 30.

 Im now in charge with a Bigger project of 3700 files and about 60
revisions for each file. Most of the RCS files generated are working
well. But some of them are not, and CVS give up when Im tryng to analyse
with "log" command or retireve a older revision.

 A example of what is going on is this message:

 -f [log aborted]: unrecognized operation '\x3c' in

 This code '\x3c' varies for each "corrupted/misfunctioning" file.  This
occurs for some files, and I dont know what could be happening. Does
someone had experienced a problem like that before?

Best Regards! Thanks for ALL!


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