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Re: Two different locations using same CVS server, takes longtime to che

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Two different locations using same CVS server, takes longtime to check-in some stuff, any other idea?
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 18:50:44 -0700

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GS <address@hidden> writes:

> We are using CVS to keep repositories, we are working at Two different
> locations (using one CVS server), taking lot of time even if we want
> to add couple of new files, this is scienario:

I believe you have a terminology problem. A repository is typically
specified as a (connection method, hostname, pathname) tuple to a
hierarchy of files stored in RCS ',v' format.

A CVS server is typically the ability to run one or more processes on
the hostname using the particular connection method which is used to
provide access to the repository pathname.

> We have one CVS server located at primary location called,
> "location1", we have another location called "location2" in different
> timezone, we have software development groups at both locations on
> same project, the team at location2 connect to location1 using VPN
> (once VPN up, they can access all servers), then check-out code onto
> one of the Linux machine at location1, then transfer this code into
> location2, compile it and make some changes and then tar the whole
> directory and upload onto one of the Linux machiene at location1, then
> check-in to CVS, this is taking lot of time, any other solutions can
> some expert suggest. 

The most common method to do this is to use the SSHv2 protocol with the
:ext: or :extssh: connection method to connect to the CVS server hostname
and checkout the files from the repository to the client.

If you are not able to directly use an SSH client (GNU/Linux
distributions typically use OpenSSH to implement the 'ssh' client/server
protocol), then you may be able to use a proxy server

> we don't have VPN client to install on Linux machine at location2 (we
> are using VPN client on windows laptop, that is how we access
> location1 machines). if we have VPN client for Linux, that will be
> little easier.

A lot of folks use ssh as a way to provide a secure connection between
sites without without VPNs running.

        -- Mark

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