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Allowable Edit

From: Bijani, Thiago
Subject: Allowable Edit
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 16:15:34 -0300

Hi all,

I'm working on a project that needs to prompt the user when he wants to edit an object, and it is being edited by others.

That window(prompt) should notify the user that the request object is being edited by someone else, and alert that he will be editing concurrently. He must be able to accept and continue(ok) or cancel the intention and deny(cancel).

I think this(prompt) must be between the Server and Application. So, should at the client (Ie.: CVSNT). I think the way is modifying the function(I'm focused at server.c[especially at ' cvs_output'], buffer.c [buffer.cpp at cvsnt] and client.cpp[cvsnt]) that 'reads' the anwser from Server, that allows the file being edited (with 'editors' anwser together), adding a function that: or continue with the natural procedure(allow the editing) or return to server with Unedit command. These commands will be transparent for the user(with GUI client), because all os these actions will be done before the information come to GUI Client. The 'permission' will be 'paused' at CVS Client.. that will allow or not, the procedure.

I'm working on this solution at Windows yet. I think will be less harder at Linux.

Can someone give me some advice?

I'm under CVS 1.12.13, CVSNT and WinCVS.

Thanks for any help,

Thiago Bijani
Support Analyst / IT Consultant
Smart Tech Consulting
Mobile: +55 21 9400-4963
Office: +55 21 2532-6332

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