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cvs co . retrieves (empty) folders I removed

From: Jean-Claude Gervais
Subject: cvs co . retrieves (empty) folders I removed
Date: Tue, 04 Sep 2007 22:41:32 -0400


I figure I must be missing something here, but after removing a folder,
when I do an update or a retrieval from the head, I am still getting the

I had a module called


which had three sub-folders

I removed 'pkg', but now when I do a cvs update (either 'cvs co .' or
'cvs update'), I am still retrieving the pkg folder along with its three
(now empty) folders.

I'm sure this is normal, but is there a way to prevent those folders
from popping back into the sandbox?

I can't delete the folders from the physical archive because there are
old labels that still point to the pkg folder and its old content. I'd
just like it to stop coming back when I retrieve the head.

I know there is probably a command-line option (-P) to prune off the
empty folders, but we are using a tool (TortoiseCVS) to retrieve the
sandboxes, and it doesn't allow the passing of the option.

Thank you.

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