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Adding new repository to cvs

From: bomahony
Subject: Adding new repository to cvs
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:30:11 -0000
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Hi im pretty new to CVS, and to this list as well.

Anyways, my companyhas asked me to look after the two CVS server, as
the previous admin is gone. Anyways, eher is my issue.

We have two servers in different locations. The primary location has
most of the development work done. the secondary location does a small
bit of work, and the CVS server on that site has a number of
repositories rsync'd to it.

The primary server has a number of repositories at /cvs/* and a number
at /cvs1/*. To date all the sync's were from /cvs/* to /cvs/* on the
secondary offsite server. They have now asked me to replicate one of
the repositories from /cvs1/EJB. I have set up the synch, and synched
the data.

I then logged into the server, and ran
cvs -d /cvs1/EJB init

I thought this would make the repository appear. However i get a "/
cvs1/EJB: no such repository"

I know it has to be something stupid, but i have no idea what. I have
restarted the xiinetd service. The machines are running RHEL3.

Any help would be appreciated.

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