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identifying user at commit time

From: jackspam79
Subject: identifying user at commit time
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 09:48:22 -0700
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Hi all,

I don't know if this is the right group for my question, but let's
try... I hope I will find here some experienced CVS user/administrator
that can help me!

Scenario: CVSNT server on a Windows XP machine; clients are windows
machines, too. Clients are always logged on a "standard" account
(that, by the way, is the same on all clients), because they are
"common" (not personal) PC in a laboratory. Because on each PC runs
one (or more) program that cannot be started under multiple accounts,
this situation cannot be changed.

Issue: clients machines are used by different people in tha lab, that
can modify files under cvs control. In a standard CVS scenario, cvs
commit operation would be associated to the account they have been
started from, so identifying the person that committed a change. In
the scenario described above, anyway, the commit operation will always
be perfomed under the same account on the client machine, so I would
like to specify a username at commit time (I know that this is not an
ideal solution, becouse in this scenario a commit operation could
include modification made by different people: anyway it would be
better than nothing...)

- is it possible to specify an user name (and password) at commit
time, regardless of the username that has been used to checkout the

- do you know any client that could be configured to ask for this at
each committ operation? or should each users learn command-line usage
of cvs?

- in case the solution I proposed is not feasible, do you have any
suggestion/workaround/trick to track who made some change to a file
even if it has been done on a common machine under a common account?

Thak you very much!


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