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How to merge with -kk

From: Vince Rice
Subject: How to merge with -kk
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 09:39:48 -0700 (PDT)

I'm running the 1.12.12 client on XP, with a local repository.

I've used cvs for several years, but never really kept multiple branches going 
at once. I recently had occasion to want to branch a release, and continue 
development on both, and then merge from the branch to the trunk. Basic stuff, 
I know, but nevertheless I managed to mess it up. I got it cleaned up, 
manually, but I'm hoping to avoid the problem next time.

The problem came after the merge. Per the cederqvist, I did a "cvs update -kk 
-j <branch>". It worked great, and I committed the changes. However, after the 
merge, I noticed that my file headers were no longer correct, i.e. I have a "-- 
$Header: $" at the beginning of every file. They were no longer correct; they 
were missing the colon. Further investigation found that a "cvs status -v" 
showed the "-kk" in the Sticky Options for every file that was merged. I then 
tried a few things to get the -kk unstuck, including doing a cvs admin -kv on 
the files. Nothing seemed to work. I did see the note about the problem with 
-kk prior to 1.12.2, but I'm on 1.12.12.

So, how should this be done? I want to do a merge that ignores keyword errors, 
but that leaves keyword expansion working after the merge. Or at least know how 
to restore keyword expansion after the merge.

Thanks very much for your help.


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