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Incorrect CVS Entries file

From: Matt Dowding
Subject: Incorrect CVS Entries file
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 11:29:39 -0000



I have a problem with CVS.  I have a repository located on a Suse Linux server (CVS version XX) and am checking out code onto a Solaris 9 server (CVS version XX).  My module has the following file structure :-








(i.e. there is nothing in dir2 except the subdirectory, although the subdirectory itself contains several files).


When I perform a clean checkout of the module into a fresh working area (using cvs co Module) I get all of the files correctly.  However, if I change any of the files in Module/dir2/subdir4 a call to cvs status does not show that these files have been changed.  They also do not take on tags after check-in.


A quick investigation has uncovered that the CVS/Entries file under dir2 just contains D indicating no sub-directories so I assume this is where the problem lies.  What I don’t know is how to fix this.  I don’t imagine that I can change the Entries file itself since this is generated as part of the checkout, so is there a bug in CVS that I can get a fix for, or is there another file in the repository itself that I can change to fix this problem?


Any help much appreciated.






Matt Dowding

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