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RE: n00b - need help with LS (with CVSROOT not set)

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: n00b - need help with LS (with CVSROOT not set)
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 16:05:42 +1100


> Yes, it is for Windows (Tortoise CVS), so I will look into CVSNT.

TortoiseCVS (just like WinCVS, and WMFree) are 'just' guis, they cannot talk to 
the cvs server at all without CVSNT installed (look in the TortoiseCVS 
directory and you will see cvs.exe, right click and check the version info and 
you will see it is CVSNT).

I suggest you subscribe to both the cvsnt and cvsnt-dev newsgroups on 
if you are writing a gui.  

I'm not sure if the tortoise installer installs the wmfree sample app by 
default, but you can get the source from the cvsnt repository - it's designed 
to be a template for people writing GUI's at how to browse servers, which looks 
like it's exactly what you want to do...  The wmfree example I think is in 
cvsnt/wmfree on the repository...



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