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'soft links' in cvs repository?

From: newbie
Subject: 'soft links' in cvs repository?
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 08:10:22 -0800 (PST)
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Hi Group,

Is there any way to use one file in different cvs repositories while
keep it synced? (just like a soft link to the file).

Let's say I have three files A, B, C. What I want to do is I need to
put A, B in a repository 1, meanwhile I need to put A, C in another
repository 2, but file A should be the same here. Whenever I commit
changes for A from a checkout of repo 1, it should also be changed in
repo 2. File A in repo 1 is just a soft link to repo 2.

Any hints on this? Hope I was clear.


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