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Merge to main trunk issues...

From: Frank Petrillo
Subject: Merge to main trunk issues...
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 11:52:14 -0800

We have some new files added to a branch a few branches down off of the trunk.

The revision number for one of those files is:

We merged the new files back to the trunk.  When we did this the files were given a revision number of:1.2


Now there is parallel development going on – on both the branch and the Main trunk.

When ever I try to merge the only result I can get is either the entire revision replacing 1.2 or an error message stating that the file “already contains the differences between and 1.2”


Any help would sincerely be appreciated.





Frank Petrillo 
Software Engineer II

The Interactive TV Company

111 SW 5TH AVENUE, SUITE 1400 | PORTLAND, OR 97204
T  +1 503.416.3869  C +1 503.957.1732  F +1 503.416.3801


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