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Re: Since DST started, cvs update uploads entire sandbox, every time

From: Nelson Bolyard
Subject: Re: Since DST started, cvs update uploads entire sandbox, every time
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 01:35:51 -0700

Having worked on it most of the weekend, I now have a build of cvs 
based on the sources for cvs-1-11-22 which seems to update correctly
(without uploading many untouched files) with both old sandboxes 
(checked out back before the latest DST change), and with new 
sandboxes (checked out since the latest DST change).  

I'm still testing it a bit longer, but when I'm satisfied that I 
haven't overlooked any cases, I will make a patch available.  
It may not work on FAT file systems, but I don't have one on which
to test it.  (hmmm, maybe I can find an old floppy drive somewhere.)
I plan to also produce a little test program that makes the findings
very reproducible and understandable.

Here's a short summary.  The current code in 1-11-22 that tries
to correct the modification time reported by wnt_stat and wnt_lstat 
is only doing, at most, half of the job.  utime is also at fault,
recording time stamps in the file system that are an hour different
than the unix time value passed to utime, under some circumstances. 

When I fixed wnt_stat, wnt_lstat and wnt_utime to ALWAYS set or get
the time using Windows' GetFileTime and SetFileTime, and convert 
between Windows' FILETIME and unix time_t using formulas that 
involve neither time zone nor DST, the problems went away.

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