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Binary files ends up as a text file during checkout

From: tusergroup
Subject: Binary files ends up as a text file during checkout
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 08:04:58 -0700 (PDT)
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I had a CVS server on a Windows machine using CVSNT.  I recently moved
to Ubuntu and set it up as the CVS server.   I moved my repositories
from the Windows box to the Linux machine.  My problem occurs when I
perform a checkout of a project from the new CVS server.  Any file
that was originally marked as a binary file on my Windows box ends up
as a text file when it gets checked out using the new CVS server

For example:
I have an image file in my repository called image.gif.  When this
project is checked out from the new server (ubuntu) it shows up as a
text file (-kkv) in the SmartCVS client.  However, the same repository
on the Windows machine does not have this problem.  Image.gif will
checkout as a binary file on the CVSNT Server on the Windows machine.

Can anybody shed some light on what is causing this to happen on my
Linux (Ubuntu) Server?  I already setup a cvswrappers file with the
necessary extension entries for the binary files.  I am currently
using SmartCVS as the GUI front end for CVS Client on a windows
machine and connecting through SSH.

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