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RE: CVS Client via WEB

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: CVS Client via WEB
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 09:32:14 +1100

> hello, I need a cvs tool that can be used via 
> web and works similary to Tortoise. 

Firstly TortoiseCVS has a different newsgroup, please direct questions
about TortoiseCVS to:

> All the tools tha i found was only repository 
> browser. Anyone know a tool that provides 
> repository browsing, check-in, check-out, 
> merge, lock and all the cvs functionalitys. 

The reason you haven't found it is that it is quite difficult to do.
EVS (previously CVSNT 3.x) will eventually have something like this,
version 1.x already has the ability to WebDAV mount.  See

Just out of curiosity: 
1) what sort of files do you want to checkout/in using a web browser?
Eg: visual basic, html etc
2) why not use TortoiseCVS client / why does it have to be web based?
3) Since web applications cannot (usually) write to a local disk how
would you envisage a 'web checkout' to work.  
4) do you want to 'edit' a file in the web browser?


Arthur Barrett

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