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RE: **help needed for CVS**

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: **help needed for CVS**
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 17:16:14 +1100

> It worked.

1: in future please ask WinCVS specific question on the WinCVS newsgroup
- that way you are sure to get the 'best' answers:

Ajay: thanks for answering the question anyway - but it's preferred
etiquette ask WinCVS questions on the WinCVS forum since people who read
info-cvs are generally NOT interested in WinCVS specific answers.

2: WinCVS uses CVSNT, which has it's own newsgroup:

If you are using CVSNT client and it's a client problem then this is
probably the correct newsgroup...

3: To avoid this problem in future simply do not specify the username in
the CVSROOT, ie:
 instead of:

 use this:

 This way the 'username' is taken from the current logged in username,
but this only works on CVSNT client (which you appear to be using since
you are using WinCVS) - hence why you should post to the correct
newsgroup to get the correct answer.


Arthur Barrett

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