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Re: Error: 'setgid failed: Operation not permitted' - CVS on Linux

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Error: 'setgid failed: Operation not permitted' - CVS on Linux
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 11:12:06 -0500

Gaurav Chhabra writes:
> Thanks a lot for your reply. So, this means that only during authentication,
> it acts as root and later it switches back to the username provided.


> > .....which means that you can't use `normal system permissions' to control
> > access to various parts of the repository.
> Are you referring to `lsacl' commands and the like? 


> If I change the user from `cvs' to `root' but keep the access method as
> `pserver', will it work?


> In this case too, I guess I have to append `root'
> in each entry of passwd file (I think this is what you've mentioned in your
> reply). 

NO!  Then you really will be running as root all the time!  If there's a
third field in the passwd file, then CVS runs as that system user rather
than as the CVS user.  Normally, you omit the third field which causes
CVS to run as the CVS user.  (Note that this requires every CVS user to
also be a system user.)

> Now since I am almost done with the setup part of 'cvs server' on Linux, I'm
> looking forward to install a CVS client. We will have clients both on
> Windows & Linux. Can you suggest me a Linux client and a Windows client? For
> Windows, will WinCVS/Tortoise CVS be OK?

I usually just use the standard CVS command line client.  Both WinCVS
and Tortoise are fine GUIs that work just fine.
Larry Jones

TIME?!  I just finished the first problem! -- Calvin

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