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Script Help

From: Rez P
Subject: Script Help
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 16:41:27 -0800

I'm curious as to how other build engineers keep a log, do you run cvs stat or cvs log also? Is there a cvs command to print only the path and revsion number without resotry to scripting?


I realize now that my build log generated from CVS stat output has been incorrect.  I've been executing the below command


cvs -f stat | grep "Repository revision" | gawk '{print $4 " " $3}'


and I've been keeping track of the repository versions instead, that are useless to me.  I need to know the exact revisions of my local working folder contributing to my build and generate a log based on them but I find myself at a loss as to how to grep for 2 items at the same time from the result of 'cvs stat' and pass it to gawk, as listed below?!




File: doc  - help.doc   Status: Up-to-date


   Working revision:    1.1

   Repository revision: 1.1     /source/help_files/doc - help.doc,v

   Sticky Tag:          (none)

   Sticky Date:         (none)

   Sticky Options:      -kb





I would like my log to show, "Working Revision:"  The file path from the line below it and the version number next to working revision or just path and working rev, something like:




Working Revision: /source/help_files/doc - help.doc,v 1.1




Thanks for your help



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