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RE: Making Patch .zip files

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Making Patch .zip files
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 07:48:14 +1100


> > I want to create a .zip file that contains all the files that have
> > changed between two tags (say between tag "A" oldest to tag "B"
> > newest)  on a branch in CVS. So, I would like to create a folder
> > structure that contained ONLY the changed files between these two
> > tags. Then, I could zip this folder structure up that included only
> > the changed files, give it to someone, they could un-zip this on top
> > of  their older release copy of the code (for example, a 
> ### HOWEVER when someone finally takes the remote sandbox to a system
> ### where they can update/checkin there will be some issues 
> with the patches
> ### causing "conflicts" IIRC, because they change the same 
> lines of code that
> ### cvs will be wanting to update during the update/checkin. 
> (minor but annoying issue)

Todd - did you write this before your morning coffee?

If the other party has a CVS sandbox then the easiest way is simply to
get them to update to tag 'B'.

I think Joey means that the other party has an 'export' so they can't
simply 'cvs update' in which case a unified diff followed by a 'patch'
is the answer:

> If you were on Unix or had mentioned Cygwin the following 
> would have been the suggestion (assuming I 
> remember my rdiff and patch commands correctly):
> 1) at the server:
> cvs rdiff -u -rA -rB module > AtoB.patch 2>&1
> 2) at the client
> cd /path/to/dir/holding/module
> patch < AtoB.patch

Cygwin is so last decade - Microsoft 'services for unix' has 'patch' and
there are plenty of other native windows patch's out there, eg:  

However I am a little surprised that we've never added 'cvs applypatch'
to CVSNT or TortoiseCVS hasn't added 'Apply Patch' (it already has 'Make
Patch') - it seems logical to me that one or the other should have it...
Thanks for the idea, I'll get it added to CVS Suite and give Torsten the
TCVS patches for him to decide about adding them to the project.


Arthur Barrett

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