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RE: Certain files are checkouted as read-only. Don't know why?

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Certain files are checkouted as read-only. Don't know why?
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 20:04:19 +1100

Please contact the TortoiseCVS team for questions/advice about

The mailing list is linked on the page above to:

The info-cvs newsgroup is not really the place to discuss TortoiseCVS or
even to look for answers.  In fact CVSNT is NoT CVS.  

If you get involved in the correct group then you'll find that questions
you have are far more common and likely already answered in the FAQ or
in the mailing list archive and you wont feel so frustrated and on your

Alternatively if you got TortoiseCVS installed via the CVS Suite 2009
(the new name for CVSNT) then it included comprehensive documentation on
Configuration Management theory and how to configure your server for
various models including reserved centralised, unreserved distributed
etc.  If you are running the server on windows then the server
configuration wizard that runs after the install would lead you through
making the correct choices.   

People who invest enormous time and money in creating these products
like TortoiseCVS, CVSNT and CVS Suite do not want to see people
struggling with getting SCCM running which is why they've made so many
facilities available to people like you.  Please use them.

> There is the Edit Policy in TortoiseCVS preferences; there 
> is the WATCH setting in the repository (turn it off using
> "cvs watch off"); there are the registered watchers (remove 
> yourself using "cvs watch remove"); there seems to be a bug 
> in (my version of) CVSNT that causes it to not change the 
> contents of the fileattr.xml file even though "cvs watch 
> off" and "cvs watch remove" were done (but manually editing 
> the fileattr.xml file and removing the watch statements also 
> does not fix the problem); and then...

If there is a bug, please report it to the TortoiseCVS team.


Arthur Barrett

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