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RE: Merging new files from HEAD to branch

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Merging new files from HEAD to branch
Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 08:55:22 +1100


> Just to make sure I understand what you're saying, does the following
> sequence of commands illustrate your problem:

I think you missed a bit.

> When I add a new file to a branch and then merge this file into the
> HEAD, CVS keeps updating this file after changing between HEAD and
> branch or vice versa by "cvs up -A" or "cvs up -r branch" although the
> file itself hasn't been changed.

To me this means:

  cvs up -r branch
  cvs add afile.txt
  [other commands]
  cvs up -A
  cvs up -j branch
  cvs ci -m ""
  cvs up -r branch
  cvs up -A
  [CVS indicates that afile.txt is being updated]

Note: my syntax for the merge above is for CVSNT not CVS 1.x

I would assume that the next thing to determine is if CVS is just
'claiming' to update afile.txt or if it really is dragging it across the
network (and how much).  The penealty is pretty low for a text file, but
if it's a large binary file this would be very annoying.

The 'log' output I requested would have made it a bit clearer/easier to
reproduce...  Eg: we have to assume there was not a previous 'dead' file
with the same name.

This is *not a bug* if it's keyword expansion at work.  Confirming
exactly what the diff is that's coming from the server will help
determine this...

Alternatively there is at least one fix between 1.11.22 and 1.11.23 that
could affect this:



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