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GNUnet 0.7.0 released

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: GNUnet 0.7.0 released
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 16:13:43 -0700
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This release of GNUnet now supports the new protocol, new ciphers and new 
content encoding, breaking compatibility with previous versions.  It features 
a new tool for configuration, an improved user interface, better modularity, 
larger blocks, better performance, more meta data annotations including 
thumbnails, and many other enhancements.  This new version represents over 8 
months of development and testing.

You can download the code from all GNU mirrors or from the URLs given below.  
Note that you need GNU's libextractor 0.5.4.  The GTK user interface 
(gnunet-gtk) is now a separate download.

More information about GNUnet including how to use it, installation, other 
dependencies, mailinglists, a bug database and a forum can be found at

Thanks for your attention

Christian Grothoff

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