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adns 1.5.0

From: Ian Jackson
Subject: adns 1.5.0
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2014 15:25:45 +0000

Hash: SHA256

I am pleased to announce the release of adns 1.5.0.

adns is a DNS resolver library for C (and C++) programs, and a
collection of useful DNS lookup utilities.  The C library, and the
command line utilities, provide a convenient interface.  adns is
capable of doing DNS lookups in an asynchronous, event-driven,

For more information about adns, please see one of:

Changes in adns 1.5.0, since adns 1.4, are:

 New features:

 * This release provides full IPv6 support.  Applications can request
   AAAA records (containing IPv6 addresses) as well as, or instead of,
   A records (containing IPv4 addresses).  adns 1.5 can speak to
   nameservers over IPv6.

 * adns_addr2text and adns_text2addr: Convenient C functions for
   converting between addresses and address literals.  These carry
   less baggage than getaddrinfo and getnameinfo.


 * We fix a crashing bug in adnslogres.  (Debian#392102.)

 * Previously, parsing of some adns_specific options in resolv.conf
   would go awry if multiple options were specified on the same line.
   (Fixed since 1.5.0~rc0.)

 * adns now knows to ignore more things in resolv.conf, rather than
   warn about them, and there's also an option to disable all of these
   warnings.  (Debian#411263.)  (Fixed since 1.5.0~rc0.)

 * Previously, some harmless but wrong owner names for checked ptr
   queries would be accepted; now they are rejected with `Domain
   invalid for particular DNS query type'.


 * There are some minor API/ABI changes and improvements, for future

 * There are also some build system, test suite and coding style

 * Licence is now GPLv3+.


  adns 1.5 is fully forwards API- and ABI-compatible with 1.4.

  adns 1.5 is not backwards ABI-compatible, in the sense that
  applications built against adns 1.5 but run with adns 1.4 may
  experience `Function not implemented' errors, or `symbol lookup
  error' due to undefined symbols.  But applications built against 1.4
  will not experience data corruption due to ABI mismatches.

  adns_r_addr queries (general `address' queries where the application
  does not specify the kind of address) used to only return AF_INET
  (IPv4) addresses.  To avoid surprising existing applications,
  AF_INET6 (IPv6) addresses will be returned only if the application
  explicitly states its support for handling a mixture of address
  families in the results from adns_r_addr.  In a future version of
  adns this will become the default.

  adnshost and the other command-line utilities are fully forward- and
  backward-compatible, except that in adns 1.5, adnshost will return
  IPv6 as well as IPv4 information if simply asked for `addresses'.
  Calling programs which did not ask for a specific address type ought
  to cope with this.

  The API in 1.5.0 also fixes a technical nonconformance to the C
  specification.  On platforms where an `enum' type might be an
  integer type whose size is bits is not a power of two, there could
  be an incompatible ABI change between 1.4 and 1.5 - but we don't
  think there are many (if any) such platforms which are sufficiently
  POSIX-like for adns.   (Changed since 1.5.0~rc0.)

There are no changes between adns 1.5.0~rc1 and the final 1.5.0.

Please note the new bug reporting arrangements, documented in
README.html in the source tree.

The files are available here:
and are expected to be availabe on the GNU mirror network shortly.

Here are the SHA-256 checksums:


There is no diff provided between 1.4 and 1.5.0.  The changes (mostly
for IPv6 support) are extensive.
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