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xboard 4.8.0 released

From: Arun Persaud
Subject: xboard 4.8.0 released
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 2014 19:33:56 -0800
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we just released a new version of XBoard: 4.8.0.

General description:
XBoard is a graphical user interface for chess in all its major forms,
including international chess, xiangqi (Chinese chess), shogi Japanese
chess) and Makruk, in addition to many minor variants such as Losers
Chess, Crazyhouse, Chess960 and Capablanca Chess. It displays a
chessboard on the screen, accepts moves made with the mouse, and loads
and saves games in Portable Game Notation (PGN). It serves as a
front-end for many different chess services

Links to the project:

Here is the section from the NEWS file related to our latest version:

   (see )

   * New features in this release
    * Resuming saved unfinished games
    * Setting up positions more easily
    * Bitbase adjudication
    * Showing tablebase hits
    * A new ICS window
    * Recalling board themes (XBoard)
    * Playing moves by clicking them
    * Fonts in the XBoard GTK build
    * Using the mousewheel (XBoard)
    * Displaying a blunder graph
    * Slicing up a PGN database
    * Auto-install of engines

   * New variant support
    * ASEAN Chess
    * Chu Shogi
    * Mighty Lion
    * Highlighting squares on engine command
    * Let the engine finish a user move
    * Non-standard variant names
    * Fischer castling in any variant
    * Knowing the moves of unknown pieces

   * Fixed bugs
    * Fix crash on using some Browse buttons in dialogs of the GTK
    * Fix buffer overflow in PGN parser, when all lines end in
    * Fix crash on specifying non-existent board texture.
    * Prevent crash on double-click in XB Game List Tags dialog.
    * Fix the auto-display comment control in the General Options
      dialog of WinBoard, which was ignored.
    * Fix adjusting clocks by clicking them in Xaw build.
    * Fix zooming of Evaluation Graph XB with mousewheel, which was
      not working at all.
    * Fix sticky-windows feature WB for Windows 8, where it did not
      work at all.
    * WinBoard's seek graph is now sized to also cover any board rim.
    * Key bindings XB for non menu items are no longer ignored.
    * Set castling rights correctly after loading of game file from
      command line.
    * Allow castling and e.p. moves to be edited into opening book
      (and prevent their disappearance from it).
    * The sorting of engine output was made more robust against
      engines that send thinking output on fail lows.
    * Fix node-count display, which was clipped to 32 bits.
    * Suppress board-size oscillations in GTK build.
    * Fixed detection of screen size in GTK.  (This is a mixed
      blessing, as now it picks the largest possible window size, and
      in GTK interactive down-sizing is not possible.)
    * Fix mode highlighting after refusal of Two Machines mode because
      2nd engine did not support variant.
    * Blow up textures that are too small.
    * Ignore invalid color specs in stead of treating them as black
      (important because Cairo does not understand old xpm color
    * Prevent XB and WB from becoming unresponsive during lengthy
      tasks such as book building.
    * Fix slowdown of WB during loading of huge PGN files due to
      Game-List window update.
    * Limit width of menu bar for small board sizes in GTK build.
    * Improve the code to kill rogue engines in XB.
    * Drawing of pieces outside the board (in maximaized windows),
      which left lots of debris, is now suppressed.
    * Make WB window sizing handle multiple screens.
    * 50-move counter is no longer reset on Chess960 castlings.
    * Fix legality testing of A-side castling in FRC (which was
      allowed with Rook on a- and blocker on b-file).
    * Fixed piece ID of Falcon in Falcon Chess, which was written as
      '.' and could not be selected on promotion.
    * Fix cross-edge e.p. captures in Cylinder Chess (which was not
      recognized as e.p.).
    * Fix animation of Seirawan Chess castling + gating at Rook
      square, which made Rook disappear.
    * Fix adjudication of stalemates in variant Giveaway.
    * Display of the variant tag in the Game List now works.
    * Reset move entry (clearing target-square markers) on 'clear
      board' in Edit Position mode.
    * The Game List is automatically updated when you alter the tag
      selection for the game lines.
    * Indicate current variant in New Variant dialog of the GTK build
      (by printing it in boldface on the button).

   * Known Problems
    * GTK: in a tiling window manager the size of the board seems to be
      calculated incorrectly. A temporary fix for this is to use a fixed
      size by using the "-size <N>" and "-fixedSize true" options
      on the command line.



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