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ANNOUNCE: GNU Hyperbole 7, a.k.a the Git Ready for Action Release, is no

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: ANNOUNCE: GNU Hyperbole 7, a.k.a the Git Ready for Action Release, is now available
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2017 23:41:43 -0500

This is the main public release of GNU Hyperbole for 2017 and it is
bursting with new features and further quality improvements.  New
capabilities, including Git and Github object links, are summarized

A short explanation of Hyperbole is included below.  For more
detail or how to obtain and install it, see:

For a list of use cases, see:

For what users think about Hyperbole, see:


GNU Hyperbole (pronounced Ga-new Hi-per-bo-lee), or just Hyperbole,
is an amazing, programmable hypertextual information management
system implemented as a GNU Emacs package and extensively
documented.  Hyperbole has been greatly expanded and updated for
use with the latest Emacs 26 releases; it supports GNU Emacs 24.4
or above.

Hyperbole can boost your day-to-day productivity with Emacs and
your ability to manage information stored across many different
machines on the internet.  People who get used to Hyperbole often
find they prefer never to use Emacs without it.

Hyperbole includes its own easy-to-use hypertextual buttons and
links that can be created without the need for any markup language.

It also comes out-of-the-box with:

  - a hierarchical, record-based contact manager

  - a rapid window and frame control system

  - a powerful multi-level auto-numbered outliner

  - and two very smart context-dependent mouse and keyboard keys
    that simplify operations in many editing and browsing modes.
    All features are aimed at making textual information management
    and display fast and easy.

Bob Weiner designed and programmed GNU Hyperbole.  He and Mats
Lidell maintain it with the Free Software Foundation.  It includes
an interactive demo to introduce you to its features as well as a
detailed reference manual, as explained here:


Please give Hyperbole a try.  It's free, man.  It adapts to your
needs. It connects everything.  It rewires your brain.  It speeds
your web searches for `carpal tunnel syndrome'.  It makes you feel
like the sun is out on a gray winter day :-)

But wait, there's more and this part is serious.  For a limited
time, to encourage use and feedback, the first 30 people who try
out the Hyperbole DEMO or read the Hyperbole Manual and send a few
thoughtful sentences to <rsw at gnu dot org> will receive either of
their choice of the following as yet unpublished single file Emacs
Lisp libraries:

;;  rsw-linecol.el: User-editable mode-line col/line number formats
;;  GNU Emacs buries the formatting of mode-line line and column
;;  numbers in a way that makes it virtually impossible for a user
;;  to change this formatting.  This library fixes that with a new
;;  variable which may be modified to instantly alter the mode-line
;;  column and line number display.


;;  rsw-chrome-macos.el: Open a URL in Google Chrome and reuse an
;;     existing tab/window if already displayed.
;;  This library resolves the many problems of sending URLs to
;;  Google Chrome on MacOS.  It properly sends # hash in-file links
;;  (these are typically stripped when Chrome is called as a MacOS
;;  application).  It reuses any tab already displaying any
;;  matching URL that is sent and it does this even if the
;;  ultimately displayed URL goes through several redirects before
;;  display.


Bob Weiner and Mats Lidell

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