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Re: AIX details

From: mcnichol
Subject: Re: AIX details
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 10:36:38 -0500

Hi Howard,

I also have some libtool changes for AIX I have been getting ready
to send in.

Would you mind coordinating/merging our changes so we don't possibly
end up stepping on each other?

Dan McNichol
IBM Austin, Texas

> From: "Howard Chu" <address@hidden>
> I've made some patches to libtool 1.3.3 (and now 1.3.5) for AIX that I'd
> like to
> contribute back. In brief:
>    AIX doesn't need the "lib" prefix
>    The -bexpall flag is not really usable for shared libraries; they will
> tend to
>       export some private C runtime symbols as well, and then runtime
> linking will
>       fail because these symbols are multiply defined. Fix to always
> generate and use
>       an explicit export file for shared libraries.
>    Set dlopen_self to true; the test program can't determine this without an
> export
>       file so just bypass the test.
>    Use the -bexpall flag when linking programs, to support self dlopen.
>    The hardcoded libpath support is messy, I've cleaned it up a little.
>   -- Howard Chu
>   Chief Architect, Symas Corp.       Director, Highland Sun
> _______________________________________________
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