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arg list too long (so, split it into two?)

From: Robert Boehne
Subject: arg list too long (so, split it into two?)
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 14:20:17 -0500

I have a large library that IRIX CC w/ multi-language libtool
is not happy creating.  It seems that the link line is too
much for CC to handle.  Is the only solution to split this
library into convience libs, then link those toghether?

Let me see if I have THAT straight, in my
I would need:
# the main target
# archives with about half of the needed object files each
# Is this how I make ?
libTKBool_la_SOURCES =
# sources for the noinst archive libraries
libPart1_la_SOURCES = `about half of my original source files`
libPart2_la_SOURCES = `the other half of my original source files`
# link this library in when is linked
libTKBool_la_LIBADD = @top_srcdir@/src/TKPrim/

L/sw5/rbo/OCC/OCC/src/TKMath/.libs -L/sw5/rbo/OCC/OCC/src/TKernel/.libs 
-lc   -soname `test -n "sgi1.0" && echo -set_version
sgi1.0` -update_registry .libs/so_locations -o .libs/
../../libtool[3325]: /bin/CC: arg list too long
make.sgi62[3]: *** [] Error 1

Robert Boehne             Software Engineer
Ricardo Software   Chicago Technical Center
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email:  address@hidden

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