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ltdl problem

From: John Gruenenfelder
Subject: ltdl problem
Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2001 18:41:59 -0700
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Hello all.

I've been successfully using libltdl for a little while now without any
troubles.  However, I recently started using autoconf 2.50 and libtool 1.4b.
After some trouble, I've got autoconf 2.50 working fine, and my program once
again compiles without troubles.

Unfortunately, libltdl seems to have broken itself.  When I run my program, it
can no longer find the modules on startup.  That it, it finds the directory
and all the files in it, but ltdl (lt_dlopenext) can't open them and gives
back a generic error of "file not found".

What changes have occured recently in ltdl that could account for this?  Is
there some change I must make in the way I'm using ltdl?  And, is there any
other information that would be useful?

  Debian Sid (glibc 2.2.3)
  libtool 1.4b-2

--John Gruenenfelder    Research Assistant, Steward Observatory, U of Arizona
"This is the most fun I've had without being drenched in the blood
of my enemies!"
        --Sam of Sam & Max

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