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Library coding standards question

From: jks
Subject: Library coding standards question
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 00:42:11 -0600

Hello all,

I am having some trouble interpreting a portion of the "Library Behavior"
section of the Gnu coding standards.  The problem spots are indicated by
the questions enclosed in brackets:

"Choose a name prefix for the library, more than two characters long. All
external function and variable names should start with this prefix. In
addition, there should only be one of these [one name prefix, one external
function, one variable name, or one of something else?] in any given library
member [what is the meaning of "library member" in this context?]. This
usually means putting each one [one what?] in a separate source file."

If anyone would shed some light on the questions that I inserted into the
text, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance,


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