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Linking libopts on OS X

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Linking libopts on OS X
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 13:32:46 -0800

Hi David,

Apparently nobody has experience with libtool duplicating a
convenience library in a library link.  Therefore, lets try
inserting a ``set -x'' in the link.  In the "libtool" script
somewhere around line 1600 (it varies), you will find this:

    # Determine the type of output
    case $output in
      $echo "$modename: you must specify an output file" 1>&2
      $echo "$help" 1>&2
      exit 1
    *.$libext) linkmode=oldlib ;;
    *.lo | *.$objext) linkmode=obj ;;
    *.la) linkmode=lib ;;
    *) linkmode=prog ;; # Anything else should be a program.

at this point it is done walking the argument list.  Add the
``set -x'' after this and let's see how it manipulates the
contents of the file.  The script has not
yet cracked it open to discover the .libs/
file.  We may want to add some echo commands here and there,
too, but I don't yet know where.  (So we're on the same page,
try inserting or removing blank lines early in the file so
that the "# Determine the type of output" line appears on
line 1602.  :-)

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