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Darwin convenience library fix

From: Dave Vasilevsky
Subject: Darwin convenience library fix
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 03:29:04 -0400

I've updated my patch to fix the convenience library double-linking bug on Darwin <> . It now uses more portable constructs. I've only been able to test on on GNU/Linux (RedHat 7.2) and Darwin 5.4 so far, further testing would be appreciated.

It's still a bit of a workaround rather than a real fix--it removes everything in $conv from $deplibs, while it would be better to not add them in the first case if they're not needed. I'm not familiar enough with libtool to figure out how to do this though, sorry. Hopefully the current patch is Good Enough(tm).

Also, another problem with Darwin linking has come to my attention. It seems that Darwin loads shared libraries one section at a time, which means that C++ global constructors in a shared lib don't all get run at the same time. In fact, if there is a section that isn't used unless a global constructor is run, the global constructor won't run at all. This is a problem especially when C++ classes (using a factory idiom) attempt to register themselves in using a global constructor, as the registration won't actually occur.

A fix to this is to link object files in two steps, linking them all in one big section before turning it into a library. So instead of "cc -dynamiclib foo.o bar.o -o libexample.dylib", one would use "cc -r -keep_private_externs -nostdlib foo.o bar.o -o example-master.o && cc -dynamiclib example-master.o -o libexample.dylib". Can anyone think of any problems that would result from changing $archive_cmds to this usage pattern?

Dave Vasilevsky

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