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Re: Porting libtool to linux-icc (help)

From: Bill Wendling
Subject: Re: Porting libtool to linux-icc (help)
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 02:23:56 -0500
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Also sprach Allan Sandfeld Jensen:
} Hi.
} I've already submited a patch for subject, but recieved no feedback. After 
} searching the archive I found a mail that explains that you need to be 
} registered at FSF before you wish to accept any patches. As I am not 
} registered at FSF and have no plans to become so, I want to try a different 
} approach.
} I hope some of you will create a patch for Intel C++ Compiler support. I can 
} help by describing what needs to be done: 
} The compilers are called icc for the C-compiler and icpc for the 
} Both compilers takes the same options as the GNU compilers. The two compilers 
} also uses the GNU ld. So you only need to copy the flags given to gcc and 
} g++.
} There is two important differences from gcc though:
} 1. For the archivecmds remove the option -nostdlibs. 
} 2. For both compilers you need to set to set "archive_cmds_need_lc" to no.  
} (if you link with -lc, the linking either breaks or the applications crashes 
} when launched)
} I hope I get some feedback this time.
Hi `Allan,

I was going to apply your patches, but it was for a version of libtool
which we didn't have (I think we're running the latest stable version).
That's why I didn't offer any feedback. I'm not a member of the libtool
FSF collective, but I'll try your suggestions above on our libtool
versions and give feedback, if you think that would help things :).

|| Bill Wendling                        address@hidden
|| Coding Simian

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