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Re: Problems with libtool implementation of osf style versioning

From: Tim Mooney
Subject: Re: Problems with libtool implementation of osf style versioning
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 17:59:57 -0500 (CDT)

In regard to: Re: Problems with libtool implementation of osf style...:

>Unfortunately my patch to fix osf style versioning for Tru64 UNIX
>has not been commented on for two months and the Cc: to libtool-patches
>seems still to await moderator approval ;-(
>As explained when submitting the original analysis and patch, I'd like to
>get this into GCC (probably 3.3), but the patch must go into libtool first
>for this to happen.

Your original message is still sitting in my "review, ponder, and comment"
folder.  I think your patch looks good and think it should be applied as
soon as Gary gets a chance, but while we're on the topic of osf style

Does anyone know why both soname versioning *and* internal versioning is
being used for OSes where version_type=osf or version_type=irix (which
used to be specified as version_type=osf but now has its own category)?

It would definitely cause backwards compatibility problems if it were
changed at this point, but I don't understand the reason why both
versioning schemes are being used for shared libraries.  Can anyone
comment on this design decision?

Tim Mooney                              address@hidden
Information Technology Services         (701) 231-1076 (Voice)
Room 242-J6, IACC Building              (701) 231-8541 (Fax)
North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58105-5164

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