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RE: Need more

From: Howard Chu
Subject: RE: Need more
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 12:31:34 -0700

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>   The other request however, isn't feasable.  Libtool needs to
> create non-pic objects when linking static libs, pic objects when
> linking shared libs.  Libtool can't wait until link time to decide
> to not link static libs, it has to know at configure time.
> Anyway, what is the problem with what Libtool currently does?
> Couldn't you either configure to not build static, or simply
> ignore the static version?

This is something I've requested and submitted patches for since at least 3
years ago now. No, libtool does NOT need to know at configure time. You can
configure libtool to produce both static and shared objects, then provide a
runtime switch to turn one or the other off during compile and link. I don't
understand why you insist on only allowing the selection at configure time.
This is seriously inconvenient when building a mix of static and dynamic
libraries in a single project, it pretty much requires us to configure two or
more separate copies of libtool just to get the different combinations.

  -- Howard Chu
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