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Hiding the --finish "installed in" message

From: Nick Humfrey
Subject: Hiding the --finish "installed in" message
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 20:43:01 +0100


Has anyone considered a method of disabling the "Libraries have been installed in:" message when running libtool --finish ? I know this can be done using --silent, but that isn't very helpful when it is called automatically using exec in the install mode section.

In my project (OpenQuicktime) codec modules are installed in the package library directory (/usr/local/lib/openquicktime) - and this location is also compiled into OpenQuicktime so that it can find them (as well at other methods).

Hence because we are using our own methods for finding the modules for dlopen, libtools message isn't very helpful (maybe even confusing) for users.

Should I make my own libtool hack, or is this something that other people may find an issue ?



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