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Cygwin List O' Issues...

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Cygwin List O' Issues...
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 20:05:34 -0500
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This is the first of four messages. There are three significant issues with regards to libtool support on cygwin, even after tonight's inclusion of the patches I submitted. I will describe these problems briefly here, and then start three new subthreads that more completely describe the problems -- complete with examples!

1. C++ (actually, all tags except C) is broken. This is because the non-C tags extract the list of runtime stdlibs from the compiler, and then explicitly add them to the link command (while using -nostdlibs). This has the effect of requiring that the runtime libs satisfy the "is it dynamic?" check in $file_magic_cmd.

Since the cygwin gcc/g++/g77 compiler suite provides only static versions of libgcc, libstdc++, libsupc++, libg2c, etc, this means that ALL shared libs written in those languages fail to build. (Strangely, the C tag does NOT behave this way. Inconsistency...) But the lack of a shared version of the runtime libs should NOT preclude building DLLs on windows -- and in fact, it probably shouldn't preclude them on Linux or Solaris, either (shared libs containing non-PIC runtime code just runs a little slower, that's all).

This bug can also affect other platforms (but most platforms' compiler suite supply shared versions of the runtime libs, so the behavior is not as visible).

2. 'make install DESTDIR=' fails (or relinks to an old version of a dependent lib) when the project contains dependent libraries.

This bug affects all platforms.

3. relinking .exe's. Over and over and over and over. This doesn't really cause project builds to FAIL, but it is HIGHLY annoying -- and has the possibility of an infinite dependency loop.

This bug is win32-platform (cygwin, mingw, pw, ...) specific.

Unfortunately, I really have no idea how to fix these problems -- but I thought I'd bring them up here, just in case somebody else had a bright idea. And I'd *really* like to see them corrected before 1.5 is released. :-)

Three more messages follow, one for each of the three problems. Please reply to those messages, not this one.


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