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RE: How to specify a version script?

From: Howard Chu
Subject: RE: How to specify a version script?
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 14:29:31 -0800

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> Well, I had a nice long response set to go out...but I have it working
> now.  The problem was the libtool shipped with sasl 2.1.2 is only
> 1.3.5, which aparently does not do the right thing.  The current
> version works...
> Thanks for the quick response anyway :)

Yes, this is a nagging problem, the Cyrus folks seem to be mired in a swamp
of out-of-date build tools and for whatever reasons are constrained not to
update themselves. I've raised this issue with them before. So far we've been
able to work around this by replacing their bundled libtool with libtool
1.4.2 in our own builds, which works a lot better on the variety of platforms
we deal with.

  -- Howard Chu
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