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Re: hppa*64* and dependent libraries

From: Albert Chin
Subject: Re: hppa*64* and dependent libraries
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 17:18:08 -0600
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On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 03:22:42AM -0600, Albert Chin wrote:
> Dependent libraries for hppa64* is funky.
> $ cd /tmp/a
> $ ld -b +h -o obj1.o obj2.o -lc
> $ elfdump -L | head
> 0       Needed   libc.2
> 1     Soname
> $ cd /tmp/b
> $ ld -b +h -o ../a/ obj3.o obj4.o -lc
> $ elfdump -L | head
> 0       Needed
> 1       Needed   libc.2
> 2     Soname
> $ cd /tmp
> $ ld -b +h -o a/ b/ obj5.o
> ld: Can't find dependent library ""
> $ ld -b +h -o -La b/ obj5.o
> According to
>  * All DT_NEEDED entries with no "/" in the libname are subject to
>    dynamic path lookup.
> We have two possible solutions:
>   (1) ld -b +h -o -L/tmp/a ../a/ obj3.o obj4.o -lc
>   (2) ld -b +h -o -L/tmp/a -l1 obj3.o obj4.o -lc
> I've confirmed the above behaviour with a post to the HP-UX Developer
> Mailing List. It's frustrating that even though we explicitly list
> a/ in the link line, it doesn't help.
> So, is there anything in libtool to already do this? If not, do we
> adopt solution #1 or #2?

Ok, there is another option:
  (3) ld -b +h -o +b /tmp/a ../a/ obj3.o obj4.o -lc

I've chosen to use option #3 because libtool has code to handle most
of it. I've configure hppa64 such that:
  hardcode_libdir_flag_spec='${wl}+b ${wl}$libdir'

However, I now have the problem that I need '+b' for ld and '-Wl,+b'
for cc. Because there is not a separate $hardcode_libdir_flag_spec for
ld/cc, I have to hack libtool.m4 like:
  case "${LD}" in
  eval dep_rpath=\"$hardcode_libdir_flag_spec\"

This is gross. I have no problem modifying $hardcode_libdir_flag_spec
so it's rewritten as:
  hardcode_libdir_flag_spec="`if linking with ld; then +b $libdir;
  else ${wl}+b ${wl}$libdir`"
However, I don't see an easy way to detect at runtime whether or not
we're using ld/cc to link/compile. So, what do I do? Should I
introduce a separate hardcode_libdir_flag_spec for creating shared
libraries and one for creating programs?

BTW, this is relative to 1.4 but the same problems no doubt exist in

albert chin (address@hidden)

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