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Re: [ autogen-Support Requests...

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: [ autogen-Support Requests...
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 06:40:57 -0800

Simon Butcher wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> Long time no chat :)

Hi Simon :-)

> Since I've been keen to try out the new stuff in autogen, I grabbed
> 5.5.3pre3, and the problem was replaced with a much more minor one. The
> problem was that when autogen was being run to assist compiling the
> autogen package, it was loading the installed libopts library instead of
> the one compiled within the autogen package itself (in autoopts/.libs).
> I confirmed this with ldd and nm,[...]
> I guess that's a libtool related glitch, and if you already know about
> it,

I mention this issue on the libtool list every now and then,
but I don't think anyone quite has a handle on the cause.
I would guess that most people don't have this problem, or
the claim that it works wouldn't be made.  The simplest hackaround
is, as you suggested, interrupt the build after autoopts is done,
cd into $top_builddir/autoopts and ``make install''.  Ugly.

> I suppose the only purpose of this e-mail would be to say the
> segfault has disappeared :)

You were using an I32LPx platform.  Turned out to be several bugs.
I'm not 100% sure it's been rigorously tested yet.  Your feedback on
5.5.3 would be appreciated.  :-)


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