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modifying .la files

From: Bernhard . Rumpler
Subject: modifying .la files
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 16:47:26 +0200


sorry for asking this again, but I have not received any
answers so far and I'm still struggling with building
dlls on windows.

Could there occur any problems, when the .la files are
modified in the following way:

1.) set "library_names" to the same file name as "old_library"
2.) set "installed" to "yes"
3.) set "libdir" to the directory containing the .a file

When I do such modifications to overcome the path problems
that occur with cygwin-libtool and MinGW, then I can 
generate .dlls, but with warnings like "Linking the 
shared library against a loadable 
module - libhtmllayouthtml.a is not portable!". 

These warnings then occur for all .la files that
build up the library, i.e., are linked together
to create the .dll.

My problem is that the resulting .dll seems to
work but segfaults when one specific function
of another .dll is called (xmlFree from libxml),
but not for other functions. I'm not sure whether
this could have something to do with my awful
modifications of the .la files described above.

It could of course be that this has nothing to
do with the way I have linked my dll, but since
I have tried differnt binaries of libxml, I have
no idea where to continue investigating...

thanks for any hints!

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