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Re: MinGW link against an MS Windows import library

From: Bill Jones
Subject: Re: MinGW link against an MS Windows import library
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 09:43:03 -0400
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I don't think that linking directly against a DLL under Windows is a good idea (or even possible). From it would appear that the LIB file should be used to account for any "decorations" added to the exports.


Earnie Boyd wrote:
Tim Van Holder wrote:

Bill Jones wrote:

So the basic question is how do I specify a static import library with a *.lib extension to be used by libtool for resolving the symbols provided by a non-libtool DLL when building a dependent DLL with libtool?

The trivial solution is of course to make a copy of the third-party .lib
file with a .a extension (the file format is identical anyway).
Alternatively, you may be able to create a fresh .a from the DLL using
'dllwrap --implib <dllname> -o <libname>', but it's likely that that
won't have all the necessary symbols.

Or just use the dll itself in the link. Note if the library references C++ objects, then you are going to be hard pressed for an easy solution. See and it's list archives for more information.



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