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Re: C linkage problem when C++ library is used.

From: Braden McDaniel
Subject: Re: C linkage problem when C++ library is used.
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 15:41:35 -0400
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Albert Chin wrote:

On Thu, Apr 15, 2004 at 11:10:20AM -0500, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:

If a program which is based on C language depends on a library which
is implemented in C++, the C++ compiler should be used to link the
program.  Otherwise C++ static initialization may not work right, or
linking may fail entirely.  Libtool doesn't currently offer any
provision to do that.

The installed .la file for a C++ library does not indicate the
implementation language, or what linker should be used.  When the C++
library was built using modern GCC then is listed as a
library dependency so at some clue may be gleaned from that fact.

It seems to me that this is a fundamental flaw in muti-lingual libtool
as it exists today.

Shouldn't the developer be responsible for using the C++ compiler
rather than the C compiler? Why should libtool solve this? Without
libtool, the developer should be using the C++ compiler to link

Perhaps this is an automake problem? That is, I don't think it uses CXXLINK--or even generates the variable--in the if it only sees C sources in the Perhaps there needs to be some way to tell automake, "use the C++ linker for this."


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