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Re: debugging/developing libraries, library is installed under the same

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: debugging/developing libraries, library is installed under the same name in 2 different version
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 11:35:32 +0100
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* Hebenstreit Michael wrote on Thu, Dec 09, 2004 at 10:37:20AM CET:
> I a problem and hope you can help me. I tried to debug a kde/korganizer 
> library in my home-dir, having installed the same package on the (linux) 
> system. This leads to the following situation
> standard library: /opt/kde/lib/
> library with debug 
> information: /home/heb/temp/kde-pim-3.3.1/lbkcal/.libs/
> programm to be 
> debuged: /home/heb/temp/kde-pim-3.3.1/korganizer/.libs/lt-korganizer
> According to the output of libtool at compile/link-time 
> /home/heb/temp/kde-pim-3.3.1/korganizer/.libs/lt-korganizer
> is linked to the correct library 
> /home/heb/temp/kde-pim-3.3.1/lbkcal/.libs/
> (even the "--rpath" statements are included).
> Unfortunetly the "ldd" has "/opt/kde3/libs" first in line, and during 
> run-time 
> uses /opt/kde/lib/

Helpful information (please use copy and paste) includes the
- system used (OS, hardware, distribution)
- link line and produced output (`libtool --mode=link...')
$ objdump -p .libs/lt-korganizer
$ ldd .libs/lt-korganizer
$ ldd .libs/

> The easiest way to prevent this is to generate a link
> /home/heb/temp/kde-pim-3.3.1/korganizer/.libs/ -> 
> /home/heb/temp/kde-pim-3.3.1/lbkcal/.libs/
> focing the ldd to take the correct library. 

No, what you did should Just Work[tm].

> Is there a simple way to use automake/libtool to circumvent this problem?
> libtool used:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> (GNU libtool) 1.5a (1.1240 2003/06/26 06:55:19)

Hmm, this is a development release, and a quite old one.  Did you build
this yourself, or is there a software distributor who packs this into a
release?  Can you perchance try again with either released 1.5.10 or
unreleased current branch-2-0?


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