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Re: libtool doesn't pass LDFLAGS to linker - Solaris 64 bit

From: Jaimon Jose
Subject: Re: libtool doesn't pass LDFLAGS to linker - Solaris 64 bit
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 11:28:13 +0530
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Peter O'Gorman wrote the following on 01/17/2006 06:29 PM:
Jaimon Jose wrote:
| Thanks for the heads up. Libtool-1.5.22 passes the linker flags correctly.
| I see a new problem with this.  Shared library extension is not passed
| correctly, 'cause of which extension is missing from shared libraries.
| ( For eg.  libname.1.1.1 )
| The problems seems to be with un-initiallized shrext_cmds variable.
| This is initialized in link mode only if a shrext argument is found in
| the command line. Shouldn't this be initialized by default ( as soon as
| you enter link mode ) with variable shrext ?  ( I tried this and that
| seems to be solving the problem )

If shrext_cmds is unset it is because the configure script has a libtool.m4
that does not match the version of If you installed libtool in
/usr/local, but have aclocal in /usr/bin, then you are likely getting the
old libtool.m4 from /usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4 rather than the latest one
at /usr/local/share/...

Add the right -I flags to your aclocal invocation, or install automake in
the same prefix as libtool.
Yes. You are right. New libtool was installed in /usr/local and it was not picking up the latest aclocal.m4. Everything goes through fine with -I flag.


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