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inter-library linking

From: Joachim Worringen
Subject: inter-library linking
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 14:39:16 +0200
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I have a problem with the following task, using libtool in automake-Makefiles:

"libshared" needs to be a shared library, as it will be used with LD_RELOAD. It builds from its own sources, but also depends on two other libraries that are built within the same source three: "libnoinst" and "libfoo". libnoinst is a static convenience library, while libfoo is just another shared library.

While the symbols from libnoinst are placed into libshared, the references to libfoo remain unresolved. This lets the linking fail when I set symbols from can not be resolved (although it is in the LD path, same as where libshared is placed).

Explicitely linking to libfoo.a fails as its object files are not compiled as PIC (and I don't know how tell automake to do this anyway...).

What is the recommended solution? I figure one solution would be to compile the sources of libfoo again, this time into But this seems very clumsy to me. Is there a way to
- let libtool generate PIC object files for static libs
- then tell automake to link to the static version of a library?

 thanks, Joachim

Joachim Worringen, Software Architect, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions
phone ++49/(0)228/324 08 17 -

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