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>> My first experience as a libtool user: "A pain in the ar*se"

From: Roebe XXX
Subject: >> My first experience as a libtool user: "A pain in the ar*se"
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 23:11:18 +0100

> Really it makes me wonder if this multiplaform building isn't just a cliche,
> and it's worse than just making programmers provide a separate package for
> each platform.

I totally understand your opinion and I must admit I am in the camp of 
these to say that I find... that libtool seems to ... complicate issues 
sometimes. :-)

In a way I'd actually love to see libtool and pkg-config join forces 
so that a user only needs "both" of them, and thus only one of these. 
The .la files approach would be better tied together with what 
info a .pc file offers (I mention pkg-config here, because normally 
pkg-config gives me less problems as I just dump all my .pc files into 
one dir, whereas the .la files are scattered right next to the 
various .so files. pkg-config probably does less than libtool
but I am mostly talking from a biased user opinion here)

There however is one great advantage libtool actually has - this is 
helpful people. :-)

Props to them for being able to maintain such a big shell script!


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