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Testing a dlopened library

From: Roger Ferrer Ibáñez
Subject: Testing a dlopened library
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2008 18:54:01 +0100
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I'm writing an application that generates both an executable and a library that acts like a plugin, so sometimes is "dlopened" at runtime.

The problem arises when checking the application by means of 'make check'. If the application has not been installed yet, the dlopened library is not found (because it still resides somewhere in a given .lib subdirectory of one builddir) and the test fails.

If the application has been installed, the installed library is dlopened instead, so it is not actually checking the library just built but the one previously installed.

This problem renders things like 'make distcheck' almost useless because this test fails, since 'make install' is performed later than 'make check' in automake's distcheck.

I assume that this is the expected behaviour: dlopened shared objects are not properly found until installed, isn't it? So, I wonder, how is this issue workarounded? Are testsuites modified so LD_LIBRARY_PATH is updated to include the proper .lib directory?

Thanks a lot,

Roger Ferrer Ibáñez - address@hidden

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