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Distributable libraries

From: Olivier Boudeville
Subject: Distributable libraries
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 2008 11:25:12 +0100
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I am working in a program which I would like to distribute on binary
form for various OS including GNU/Linux. The program is made of an
executable and two libraries, and its build system is based on the
autotools. My problem is that libtool links that executable with these
two installed libraries with rpath.

I know I can override that at runtime with a proper LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but
I would like to avoid that my distributed libraries still have a rpath
embedded, which additionally points to a path which has a meaning only
on my computer. After quite a lot of searching, I found and other links, but the solution I
tried did not succeed in removing the rpath, and anyway I would have
preferred to know what the libtool team recommends in the rather usual
case where libraries have to be distributed in binary form.

Thanks in advance for any hint,
best regards,


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