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shlib_search_path on cygwin in func_mode_link

From: Christopher Hulbert
Subject: shlib_search_path on cygwin in func_mode_link
Date: Tue, 19 May 2009 11:54:17 -0400

I am working on the search for libraries in func_mode_link to get it
to find DLL import libraries on the search path (this is around line
4824 of ltmain.m4sh). The shlib_search_path is built on shlibpath_var
which is set to PATH on cygwin. My setup happens to have a PATH with
spaces in the directory names. These paths to search gets broken on
the spaces in the directory name instead of just at the separator. I
was looking at using func_to_host_pathlist function, but this does not
seem to work either (I think at least partly because of cygpath). I
thought this might be a cygwin bug, but using the "which" program
seems to handle the path list correctly. cygpath -w -p however does

Another problem is that my PATH contains references to other
environemnt variables (e.g. ...:%COMPILER%\bin). Again the "which"
program seems to handle this.

So, I guess I'm asking for suggestions on how I might make this work,
or if I should just give up on trying to make it work. For now, I've
just passed the needed directory using a -L flag in linker flags to
get libtool to find the libraries in the search since that gets added
to the lib_search_path and it seems to work. The only caveat is that
the -L can only go to libtool otherwise other compiler tests in
configure fail because the compiler expects -link -libpath.


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