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Re: conditionally disabling libltdl subconfigure

From: Brice Goglin
Subject: Re: conditionally disabling libltdl subconfigure
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 21:55:36 +0200
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Le 22/08/2012 21:05, Nick Bowler a écrit :
> [...]
> Indeed, it looks like LT_CONFIG_H is set using AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS_PRE,
> so it does in fact get set "inside" AC_OUTPUT.  I guess you could write
>   AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS_PRE([LT_CONFIG_H=`expr "$LT_CONFIG_H" : '.*/\(.*\)'`])
> and hope that it runs after libltdl's registration.  Unfortunately,
> the autoconf manual does not appear to specify the order in which
> multiple AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS_PRE registrations are run, so this might not
> be the most robust approach.  Perhaps someone on the autoconf list can
> clarify.
> It would be prudent to report the issue to the address@hidden
> mailing list, ideally with a small test case.  Obviously if you can wait
> for an upstream fix and avoid any hack workarounds for old versions
> that'd be ideal...

Thanks a lot. This workaround works.
I just reported the issue to bug-libtool with a small testcase.
We likely have a couple months before the next major hwloc release
starts using libltdl, so I hope we'll have a better fix by then.


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